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Massages from Faja

Let yourself be pampered by different massage techniques.

Yoga on the Gold Coast

On the path of self-awareness and knowledge through yoga.

Style coaching

To the self-confident appearance by styling tips and tricks.

Men's world

"To be successful, you must look successful"

Man - Beauty by Faja - Zollikerberg Man - Beauty by Faja - Zollikerberg Man - Beauty by Faja - Zollikerberg

Today's man often expects hard performance from himself. This often leads to stress, which manifests itself on the skin. It looks tired, poor circulation and can cause irritation.

Today's modern man knows that cosmetics help him to look better, feel comfortable in his own skin and be successful.

Our treatments for men are guaranteed to amaze you too. 


refreshing express treatment for an instantaneous effect! A must-have before a special event or important meeting.

Facial care: cleansing, exfoliation, short massage, fast-acting mask, finishing treatment and voila!

30 minutes CHF 75



Deep cleansing for a purifying and balancing effect on the skin.

Facial care: cleansing, intensive exfoliation, wonderful, relaxing massage followed by a pleasant  moisturising mask, finishing treatment.

60 minutes CHF 120



Intensive moisturising and nutrient treatment 

The first signs of skin ageing, a tired complexion and taut pulling of the skin are often the consequences of a lack of moisture.

The following treatment helps: cleansing, gentle exfoliation followed by moisture ampoule infiltration, extensive massage and repairing mask. Finishing treatment. You have a bright complexion and your skin is pleasantly fresh and relaxed once more.

60 minutes CHF 120



Smoothing, firming, energising: this top skin care acts like a mini lift.

Facial care: cleansing, exfoliation or microdermabrasion, infiltration of the relevant serum, beautiful massage and a firming mask for an instantaneous better, fresher, and younger appearance.

60 minutes CHF 120



Back, head and facial care

After a gentle back scrub, experience a soothing back, shoulder, and head massage. Your face will be cleansed and toned. This is followed by revitalising acupressure. The skin is firmer and more elastic, and pleasure is guaranteed!

60 minutes CHF 120



Back massage combined with pedicure, manicure or facial.

60 minutes CHF 120
90 minutes CHF 150 

Practical information

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