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If our skin is glowing, we immediately feel better. With Beauty by Faja, you can have a great many nourishing and relaxing facial treatments.


Ericson Laboratoire - Beauty by Faja - ZollikerbergEricson Laboratoire Product Line – from medicine to cosmetics 

Professor Ericson was a specialist in matters of prevention of skin aging. He was a pupil of Alexis Carrel, who was later awarded a Nobel Prize, and enjoyed an outstanding reputation as a biologist. In France he was among the first scientists to use advanced cell therapy for the treatment of skin problems. Under this clinical method, which originated in Switzerland, specific cell extracts were used to revitalise aged skin. Nowadays, the treatment concept still follows this clinical method and continuously integrates current scientific knowledge in order to develop new products and forms of treatment. All skin problems can be treated effectively with the Ericson Laboratoire Multi-Therapy Concept; sagging skin, visible effects of hormone fluctuations, wrinkles and small scars, hyperpigmentation, seborrhoea, redness and rosacea. Impressive results can already be observed after the first few treatments.


Devices - treatment from within and not just from outside  Skin - Beautiful - Zollikerberg

Skin Vital facilitates facial treatment according to the latest scientific standards. Skin Vital can be specifically used in aged skin, hyperpigmentation or acne for deep cleansing of the skin and to inject valuable active ingredients into the skin. Steam application and/or painful cleansing are no longer necessary.

Exfoliation - Beautiful - ZollikerbergDiamond Peeling is an efficient method of exfoliation without annoying crystals or vacuum. It provides a unique method of treatment and leads to a fresh glowing skin. Ideal for smokers' skin, extreme cornification, aged skin or as preparation for specific spa treatments. The diamond effect results in softer and smoother skin.


Meso-Electroporation without needles

Ultra-effective anti-ageing for more skin density, elasticity and tone – a recipe for success and express uptake of active ingredients

Meso-Electroporation - Beauty by Faja - ZollikerbergMesoporation is regarded as an innovation in aesthetic cosmetics. Valuable active-ingredient complexes such as the high-grade 3-stage (high, medium, low-molecular) hyaluron, vitamins and nutrient complexes can for the first time be absorbed by the skin to a significantly improved degree, and above all be absorbed evenly, even in larger quantities, supporting the treatment of beauty problems where they occur. Meso-Electroporation is the perfect non-invasive solution for a great many beauty treatments and has achieved extraordinary results for years.



MicroneedlingWhat exactly is microneedling?

Microneedling therapy has been established for years as a gentle and safe method for skin tightening, improving the appearance of the skin and treating scars. The body's own healing process is stimulated by the micro injuries. 

Microneedling with the Dermastamp is a gentle form of treatment for improving the skin structure. During this treatment, needles penetrate the epidermis and dermis and generate the tiniest microperforations. As a result, growth factors are stimulated and skin regeneration is set in motion.


What impact does microneedling have?

With needling you can achieve a 3000-fold higher intake of highly concentrated active ingredients in the skin. During wound healing of multiple miniature defects, the skin forms new collagen. As a result, wrinkles, acne scars, irregularities and burn scars are flattened in a natural way. With small (micro) injuries, the fibroblasts are stimulated to produce new collagen fibres.



Skinjexion - Beauty by FajaThe new intensive treatment for wrinkle reduction:

  • Antioxidant and "No Age VXN" effect, which can slow down wrinkle formation 
  • Synaptic active ingredient (BOTOX), which can smooth out wrinkles
  • Hyaluronic acid with a very high molecular weight, which acts as a wrinkle filler


Genxskin Anti-Aging Control System

Products - Beautiful - ZollikerbergThis cosmetic genetic treatment facilitates reactivation of the 14 genes with an anti-aging effect, which is already visible after 14 days. The dermo-aesthetic approach consists of stimulating our genetic potential and thereby letting our genes work at improving our skin condition.

Skin - Beautiful - Zollikerberg

Facial skin also becomes thinner due to fat loss and shifting to other areas of the face.  The skin loses its firmness and starts to sag. Due to loss of elasticity, the skin can no longer preserve its proper shape, i.e. the facial contours.  In young women, high cheek bones and point of the chin form the so-called beauty triangle. With advancing age, the structure of the extracellular matrix is destroyed, the skin loses its firmness and negative facial expressions consolidate and form a reverse beauty triangle.


Hydra Clinic – Intensive moisture and nutrient treatment

Skin - Beautiful - ZollikerbergProducts - Beautiful - ZollikerbergHere, the "new skin effect" is achieved by: effect on the natural moisture mechanisms and stimulation of the flows of moisture for an ideal moisture balance.


Energy Lift – Lifting + fat loss; Re-sculpting the facial contours 

Products - Beautiful - ZollikerbergPhase 1: The skincare duo MORPHO-FILL MASKE + MORPHOFILL SERUM has a very special effect. Hollow sections and also wrinkles are plumped up. The specific incorporation of hyaluronic acid into this concentrated formulation ensures that skin tissue is plumped up from the inside and wrinkles around the sections of the eyes and forehead are plumped up locally.

Face - Beautiful - ZollikerbergPhase 2: The skincare duo MORPHO-SLIM MASKE + MORPHO-SLIM SERUM performs amazingly. It attacks local fat deposits, which can be found on the cheeks and neck and helps to re-model and consolidate sagging contours. N.B.: The action of a special active ingredient potentially halts fat cell formation and activates collagen synthesis.



Biopure oxygen therapy 

Products - Beautiful - ZollikerbergEricson Laboratoire developed the Biopure product range with skincare products for the urban region, which are real oxygen therapy. They are specially designed to combat the effects of pollution on the skin and to cleanse it so that it can breathe better. The effect of the products is evident; the skin acquires radiance and energy, and the complexion takes on a new freshness.


Enzymacid multi-action exfoliation treatment

Products - Beautiful - ZollikerbergThis extremely powerful peeling method is one of the new skin health technologies, which make it possible to radically improve the quality of skin tissue.

  • Mechanical effect with immediate removal of the upper layers and dead skin cells
  • Instant chemical effect for smoothing the skin and for a glowing complexion
  • Long-lasting biological effect over several weeks that activates tissue regeneration 
  • Revitalising effect of skin cells and strengthening of the skin
  • Skin-lightening, stabilising effect on skin pigmentation
  • Impacts on several skin problems: sallow skin, blemishes, residual scars, tired skin, smoker's skin, excessive pigmentation, surface pimples, surface wrinkles

Regular treatment can radically and visibly improve the condition of the skin.


Perfection White – the new method of depigmentation

Products - Beautiful - ZollikerbergThe special feature of the new treatment method is based on the fact that the biological route of pigmentation is traced back as far as possible and becomes active on two levels:

Modifying the genetic effect ahead of the pigmentation process, and redirecting the cellular messengers responsible for pigment production

The skin-lightening treatment with a 2-fold effect:                       

  • Genetic effect
  • Depigmenting effect
  • Protective effect


Meso-Vit Mesotherapy with soothing and healing properties

The treatment focuses on 3 effects:

Products - Beautiful - Zollikerberg1. The Meso-Like Effect; Here, the effect of nanoparticles, which have a very low molecular weight and strong penetrating power, is combined with two technical devices, the Skinjector and Micro-Oick, in order to achieve a professional non-invasive treatment, which imitates the micro-injections known from mesotherapy.

2. The Meso-Care Effect; new nanoparticles are used for this, which have proved their soothing, emollient and wound-healing effects. They are especially interesting as a complementary treatment to medical mesotherapy sessions or after injection treatments, as they help to reduce the risk of inflammation.

3. The Vitamin-Booster Effect thanks to the 3 vitamins (A,C,E), which are known for their skin-correcting properties. They regenerate, clarify and protect. The Skinjection Effect, i.e. deeper and hence stronger onset of action, improves the efficacy of every vitamin.


Bioptic – for  bright eyes

Products - Beautiful - ZollikerbergThe skin around the eyes is very delicate and is the most sensitive area of the face. The eye area is exposed to numerous negative external influences: intense light beams, sun, fluorescent lighting in offices, computer screens, wind, dry air, and exhaust fumes, etc. Hence, the eye area should be looked after continuously and promptly. Researchers from Ericson Labaratoire have specifically developed Bioptic care products for this task. The range of products helps to reduce wrinkles, card circles and puffiness.



Eyes - Beautiful - ZollikerbergAll treatments last approx. 75 min: CHF 160

Treatment option with microdermabrasion; approx. 90 min: CHF 160

Treatment option with Meso-Electroporation; approx. 90 min: CHF 180

Treatment option with Microneedling:

- Face and body (locally): approx. 30 min CHF 150
- Face: approx. 60 min CHF 200
- Face plus neck: approx. 75 min CHF 230
- Face plus neck and décolletage: approx. 90 min CHF 250

Treatment option with microdermabrasion and Meso-Electroporation; approx. 100 min: CHF 200

Eyebrow tinting: CHF 20

Eyelash tinting: CHF 25

Eyeliner and eyelash tinting: CHF 40

Practical information

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