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Let yourself be pampered by different massage techniques.

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On the path of self-awareness and knowledge through yoga.

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To the self-confident appearance by styling tips and tricks.

About us

Our passion is your beauty

Beauty by Faja - Zollikerberg

Nothing is impossible if you love and appreciate yourself. Going through life with this thought is the key to self-realisation and happiness. As a result, I discovered my love and passion for beauty and wellness. The term 'wellness' includes an endless number of beautiful, nostalgic and relaxing moments, which afterwards give us the feeling we can achieve anything. If I start my morning with a few minutes of meditation and a short fitness programme, the sun shines even in the rain.

Turning a passion for beauty and wellness into an occupation was an indescribably beautiful opportunity to share my experience and knowledge. Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful one of your life. The more we invest in ourselves, the more appealing is the affect on ourselves and others. Whether cosmetic treatment or a good workout, it is worth the time, and not only for health reasons. This is why my daughter and I decided to turn our passions into our daily work.

“Learn to love yourself because the best investment is the one you make in yourself.”

My training


Massage Therapist Diploma (classical massage and foot reflexology), April 2010 (Bénédict ZH)

Nuad Tao Thai Foot Massage, April 2010 (Simon Keller AG)

Hot Stone Body Massage, September 2010 (Simon Keller AG)

Breuss Massage acc. to Rudolf Breuss, October 2010 (Med. Massage FA SRK)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Whole Body and Face, March 2012 (Massage-Fachschule Zürich GmbH)

Indian Head Massage, April 2012 (Simon Keller AG)    

General Thai Massage, April 2015 (Wat Po and Chetawan Schools Bangkok, Thailand)

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, April 2015 (Sunshine Massage School Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Bellabaci Massage, November 2015 (Simon Keller AG)

Sculpture Face Massage, November 2015 (International Aesthetic Massage School "Avantage")

Lomi Lomi massage, August 2016, Ho'omana Spa Maui at Konstanz

Cosmetics and Make-Up

Maria Schweizer AG -  School of Cosmetics and Nail Design 2010 - 2011

Beautician Diploma, December 2011

Make-up Workshop at Maria Schweizer AG, September 2011

Glauca Rossi - School of Make-up London

Fashion Photographic Make-up Artist, December 2012

YOGA und Fitness

Victoria Brunacci - School of Yoga Miami, April 2014 – May 2014

Yoga Instructor, 200h Teacher Training Course

24h the Art of Vedic Thai - Yoga Bodywork

Bénédict-Schule Zurich, 2006 - 2007

Fitness Consultant and Trainer Diploma, October 2007

Practical information

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